04 Jan 2007

Prayer of the Heart

Posted in Regeneration, The Heart at 23:06 by Dr. Shue

In doing some web research today, I happened to come across an interesting webpage. As I read it, I couldn’t help but think of Swedenborg’s description of influx:

CONCERNING HEAVEN WITH MAN. The communication of heaven with man is wonderful; and, unless one is instructed by the Lord, it can never be known, nor, if known, believed. Influx is rarely of such a kind that it falls into manifest thought; for this [that falls into manifest thought] comes from spirits who are near man – but influx is of the following character. With man are such things as he believes, and by which he is affected from the heart. When the angels who are with him are in such things, and speak together concerning them, then inflows with the man cheerfulness, contentment, and tranquillity of mind; but, when such things are not in the faith and affection of the man, then inflows sadness and disquiet, and similar things; and this influx no otherwise falls into the thought of the man – who may be thinking of quite another matter, at the time. Spiritual Experiences 4644)

As I have read about influx from other sources as well, I understand it as a key pathway by which God makes the divine manifest and can communicate directlyΒ  with us — if we choose to attend.

In some of my other articles here, I hope you have gotten a sense of how important I believe Connecting with our Heart is — for our own health, our relationships, our society, and for our spiritual well-being, which encompasses all the other domains.

So here is another perspective – this one is from a woman who seems to blend Orthodox Christianity with a yoga method. Although starting from a different place, she has written an article that I find to be a inspiring call to practice Prayer of the Heart. Of course, I link this with the practice of heart coherence I have written about already…. πŸ˜‰

Prayer of the Heart

Here are some excerpts:

“Nikiphoros the Athonite (13th century Hesychast), considered that the journey into the embodied heart-self is especially important for those who do not have a reliable living teacher.

“The body of spiritual knowledge of the devotional self-enquiry, or the meditative psychosomatic prayer, scattered through all the human habitats, can be called a world tradition of the Prayer of the Heart.

“This is the knowledge of the human self, of it’s Oneness with the Divine Self, of the process by which one gets to the gestalt of Oneness, and of the process of personal transformation which results from this Realization.

“God Him/Herself worships through the human heart.”

I felt my own Heart opening just reading it… I hope you enjoy this link!



  1. Glenn Schoen said,


    You may find the following excerpt from an article by Bennet Daviss to be both interesting and relevant:

    The heart’s electrical signals not only shape the way the brain thinks about certain kinds of events, but the heart itself may be able to “remember” emotion-charged experiences.

    As a result, scientists say, using the physiology and imagery of the heart – not the mind or muscles, as do traditional psychotherapy, yoga or meditation – is proving to be a faster, more direct way to dismantle destructive emotional habits and free the human spirit that too often is imprisoned within them…

    Nor do we remember only in our heads. Neuropsychologists now view memories as patterns of energy that groups of neurons can store. “We used to think that only the brain had the right kind of cells for that, but now we know the heart does, too,” [Rollin] McCraty says.

    The heart also has a unique way of making its ideas and memories felt: it’s the body’s largest rhythmic generator, emitting an electromagnetic signal up to 50-60 times stronger than the ones buzzing around inside our skulls. That signal – combined with the pressure waves the heart sends throughout the circulatory system – can either harmonize or overpower and disrupt the more feeble working rhythms and electrical currents that mark and govern the brain and other organs…

    See A Mind of its Own, by Bennett Daviss:

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Dr Shue said,


    Yes — this is the science behind the other articles I’ve been posting (kind of posting — sending readers over to my other blog as a time saver πŸ˜‰

    And it is the EM field that the heart generates that led me to my thought in the last post about the power of the Church if everyone were generating a coherent heart field — what an impact THAT would be! I think it relates to Swedenborg’s notion of even a small segment of the world’s population being able to keep the Church alive and healthy.

    I am planning to begin some local (Toronto) heart coherence training/prayer groups in the next few weeks – if anyone is interested, please let me know. After that, I’ll be starting some “virtual groups”, using phone connections and email.

    For more information on these heart fields and learning to generate heart coherence, feel free to browse my Other Blog (link from my website or use http://neurofeedback.blogharbor.com/blog) or go to the HeartMath Institute (http://www.heartmath.org/).

    Thanks for your input Glenn!


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