About Dr. Karen

By training I am a psychologist with expertise in clinical neuropsychology (that would mean assessing and doing rehabilitation with folks having some kind of brain injury), rehabilitation, and heart and brain biofeedback.

In my private practice in Toronto, I provide heart and brain feedback services. You can read me about me and my services on my website: www.BrainandHealth.com or browse my Neurofeedback blog.

I started reading Swedenborg’s writings in 1986 and was intrigued by their emphasis on the idea of correspondences between people/events/places/etc. in the scriptures and in the “real world”. Sometimes I was amazed by the fit between what this 18th century mystic was writing and what I knew of psychology and the brain — sometimes I disagreed and struggled to see how what he was writing might fit better if we understood it differently.

Although I don’t attend a church founded on Swedenborg’s writings, I remain intrigued and this blog grew out of my private thoughts as I read emailed sermons, newsletters, etc. I hope the contents are of some interest and that you will subscribe in order to get notices of new posts or comments. Even better, I hope you will comment yourself!

This blog is a labour of love – if you feel it has some value for you, please consider making a donation to one of my favorite charities – listed on the main blog page.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you!

Dr. Karen


  1. Silas Leger said,

    Hi Dr. Karen,

    I was inspired to study Swedenborg by a Canadian professor of mine while attending college at UH (Hawaii). His name is Leon James and he is a profound resource on Swedenborg. You can see his website on the matter here

    I studied psychology with Dr. James at UH and was able to specialize in Swedenborg for my undergraduate focus. I was ignited by the clarity of the truths within The Writings. And so psychologically right on. What a discovery. Mentally satisfying. Its nice to know at least someone can fill us in on what is really happening in our mind.

    Dr. James has read and reread the writing at least 5 times and I am not even close to a first read through. He is always discovering deeper and more interior truths as he rereads – Amazing!

    I am going to bookmark this blog and check it out weekly.

    Talk to you later…


  2. Dr. Shue said,

    Hi Silas:

    Thanks for dropping by and letting me know you are here. πŸ˜‰

    I actually have Leon James’ blog in my blogroll list as the only Swedenborg blog I have discovered – it’s the Theisitic Psychology link.

    And I wish I did have time to make weekly entries! But please do check back and see whether I’ve added anything — or feel free to subscribe for updates.

    Dr. Karen

  3. Dr Soni Werner said,

    I teach Psychology at Bryn Athyn College of the New Church! This is a Swedenborgian college and theological/graduate school. http://www.brynathyn.edu (you can look me up in the faculty section of the webpage)
    I am a friend of Leon James and actually visitied him in Hawaii last year.
    I have a million questions to ask you but this is exam week at the college so I better stay focused on grading papers for this week. But I want to start a dialogue with you about your reading and reflecting on the synthesis of Swedenborgian ideas and psychology. Please let me know you got this email and would like to correspond and discuss ideas!

  4. Candace Frazee said,

    Dear Dr. Karen,

    I’m from Mississauga, now living in Pasadena, California. I’m third-generation Swedenborgian and used to attend the Toronto New Church.

    Am glad you discovered Swedenborg and are sharing him online. You may be interested in reading my book about him, “There is an Answer: Living in the Post-Apocalyptic World” (2008). You can read book reviews at my website. http://www.candacefrazee.com

    Thinking of you,
    Candace Frazee
    Madam Chair
    Swedenborg Information of Los Angeles

    • Dr. Shue said,

      Hi Candace:

      Nice to meet you! πŸ˜‰

      I have to admit I don’t read many books about Swedenborg anymore — more that I enjoy making the connections between what he’s written and what I know from other areas.

      But your book sounds like a great read, especially for those just discovering Swedenborg – good on you for writing it and getting it out there!

  5. Terry Schnarr said,

    Hi Karen……. I was assn’t pastor at Olivet church in Toronto in the 80’s and met you then. I got this address from NCC publication and thought I’d contact you. I’ve never interfaced with a blog before, so I hope you will email me? I can highly recommend you communicate with Soni Werner. Back when we met we had a number of discussions about ‘guilt”, which stayed with me, and in the last few years I have come to a new understanding of guilt, which may be more like what you were telling me back then. I’d like to share with you and re-connect. Please email me. Be patient cause I try hard to look at my emails once a week and don’t always do that.


  6. domenic said,

    very good site indeed

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