27 May 2009

Quick! Where is Heaven?

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Did you answer that question? Did you say “up”?

You aren’t the only one…

One of the primary things Swedenborg talks about with respect to reading and understanding the scriptures is the idea of a “spiritual sense” and correspondences between things spiritual and things natural.

Certainly, from the beginning this idea was probably the most intriguing to me about Swedenborg’s Writings — the notion that embedded in the words of the Bible is a deeper meaning.

And that we “detect” that meaning in some way as we read, whether we know it or not.

But how could that be? Don’t different people use “symbols” and metaphors differently? And how can reading have an impact if we don’t consciously “get” the meaning?

There are a couple of interesting lines of evidence that apply to these questions I would love to share with you.

The first relates directly to how the brain works — that mass of networked connections and associations we are building and changing with every experience we have. Read the rest of this entry »


18 Sep 2007

A MindSet for Spiritual Regeneration

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I love it when things in my life come together at the same time.

This time it was a sermon from Jim Cooper at Olivet New Church in Toronto. The sermon was about Jesus transforming the water into wine at the Cana wedding. And here’s the bit that tickled me:

Waterpots, being vessels which receive water, represents the mind which receives truth. Filling the water pots is, therefore, an image of learning.

The Lord Himself commands us to learn, to fill our vessels. Whether or not that water is turned into wine with us depends entirely upon our response. Do we approach learning half-heartedly? Do we fill the pots with only enough water to satisfy the master, to avoid getting into trouble, or do we learn with enthusiasm and interest, do we fill our vessels to the brim?

Our Liquid Brains

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31 May 2007

Modern Evidence for Correspondence?: Look Up

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I happened to come across this article from Science Daily on Ceiling Height Can Affect How A Person Thinks, Feels And Acts. I could’t help but think of how much Swedenborg would approve.. 😉

These researchers took a look at whether ceiling heights influence us in any detectable way.

Here are some snippets from the article (I’ve added some emphasis): Read the rest of this entry »