28 Dec 2006

What is Your Influence on Others?

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I’ve focused in the last couple posts on heart coherence — what it is and why it’s important to each of us.

In this article, I would like to link the physical electromagnetic energy of the heart with Swedenborg’s notion of the spiritual sphere of an individual.

Let’s start with reviewing “what is heart coherence?” and then move onto some links to Swedenborg….

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24 Nov 2006

The Inner Workings of Heart Coherence

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This is my second entry “stealing” from my own professional blog. I mentioned in my last post that I would do some borrowing to share the idea of heart coherence and why I believe it’s so important. Once we’ve covered this, I want to directly relate the idea of heart coherence to Swedenborg’s ideas, so stay tuned! And please do ask questions and make comments about these notions, especially if they’re not clear to you.


Having said that, here is the article — it was posted on my Neurofeedback blog orginally as The Heart of Neurofeedback….

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19 Oct 2006

A Recipe for Personal Evolution

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It’s been so long since I’ve written here, I wanted to get re-started even though time is at a premium these days!

So I’m borrowing from myself…this is a post from my other blog, Neurofeedback on the Brain. It introduces the idea of how important the heart is to our spiritual growth. Rather than delay posting here any longer, I’ll share this as an introduction and then another post from my Neurofeedback blog on how heart coherence actually works. Then maybe I’ll be back in the swing of things and able to get back directly to Swedenborg!

So, here goes…

How to Evolve:

1. Start with a healthy amount of Heart.
2. Add one effective and efficient Brain.
3. Mix thoroughly.
4. Let sit.
5. Check occasionally (especially in cases of environmental disturbances); add a pinch more Heart at least every 24 hours to maintain healthy growth.

And that’s it! Easy, eh?

What’s that? You’re not an experienced Evolution cook?

No problem…we’ll take it one step at a time!
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18 Oct 2005

Mind and Heart Connections

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“Mind and heart are only different aspects of us.”

– Gary Zukav, The Dancing Wu Li Masters

In posts to come, I’ll be expanding more on the science and practice of learning to really Listen to our Heart.

When I came across this quote today, it seemed a good fit with what I wrote about in my post on Thinking About Spiritual Growth and I thought I would share it with you.

13 Oct 2005

Thinking About Spiritual Growth

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Mike from Calgary recently asked about Cognitive Therapy and whether I see any problems reconciling cognitive therapy with Swedenborg’s psychology.

To answer this question, I feel the need to give you just a little history lesson – so hang in there with me please. 😉

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09 Aug 2005

Shunning Evil – Good Idea, but How?

Posted in Regeneration at 14:55 by Dr. Shue

Swedenborg writes about the importance of “shunning evil” through examination of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

But what does it mean to “shun evil”?

When we think of “shunning” as a religious practice, we tend to think of those groups who ignore members who have done something Wrong. The shunned member lives in a vacuum, isolated from everyone around them. It seems a cruel practice when applied to individuals who have made a mistake. It seems to me, from a psychological point of view, to confuse rejecting the wrong-doing with rejecting the person.

This doesn’t seem to be what Swedenborg meant, though. He relates shunning to the evil itself, not to a “evil person”.

So we’re back to the question: How do we shun evil? Read the rest of this entry »

08 Aug 2005

Welcome to the Psychology of Swedenborg!

Posted in Regeneration at 17:00 by Dr. Shue

You’ve found my blog on Swedenborg — now let me tell you why I started it.

Many times when I read Swedenborg’s writings or the sermons and articles in New Church publications, I find the psychologist in me either nodding my head in agreement or wrinkling my brow and shaking my head.

Once I found the beauty of blogs, I thought it would be fun to have a place to think out loud about these issues from my perspective as a psychologist.

Do I claim to be Right in my interpretations of Swedenborg or how psychology applies to his writings? No – just doing my best to share places where I know there is support for his ideas or to raise questions where the available evidence so far is at odds with common interpretations of what he writes.

I would welcome your comments, thoughts, and questions — it’s much more fun to have a conversation than just to write into a vacuum! 😉

And, if you like to know more about me and what I do — feel free to visit my website: Brain and Health. I also have a blog on the brain and neurofeedback and I would live to hear from you there as well!

Thanks for visiting! 😉

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