26 Jun 2009

Bringing Regeneration to Life: What’s a Spiritual Coach?

Posted in Regeneration, Study Tools at 20:47 by Dr. Shue

What do I think coaching has to do with spiritual regeneration?

In some other posts on this blog,  I’ve talked about the importance of learning and mindset and bringing a positive attitude to “personal change projects”. (And what bigger personal change project do we have than our spiritual regeneration?)

Yet, to create this “new will and new understanding”, it means that we need to be creating and/or practicing new ways of being and thinking and feeling and acting our lives. And not just on Sunday or during other personal worship times, but in every day activities.

Our current ways of being, thinking, feeling, and acting are reflected in our “brain habits”. Change means becoming aware of these habits and intentionally choosing to practice them or to practice a different way until it becomes our new “habit”. Swedenborg even talked about self-examination and the practice of taking a limited number of things needing changing to work on each year.

And that’s where my new interest in coaching comes in.

Coaches, taking their lead from the person they work with, work with them to become aware of what “habits” might be standing in their way and/or to create new choices and plans for active change. Many coaches work with people on life or business goals, health issues, productivity….almost anything.

What I would like to learn more about is how to embed a spiritual dimension into my coaching — and thus why I’m connecting with New Church folks. If you’d be interested in helping me in this project, please email me at DrKarenatBrainAndHealth.com. For more information about coaching generally, please continue reading about Spiritual Coaching to Support Regeneration.


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